Why change can be a good thing

It’s wired in us as human beings to be wary of change. We are creatures of habit and comfort, therefore we like to keep ourselves in surroundings that we deem familiar and safe. As the old saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it?’. Is there really any harm in sticking to what we know when it’s working for us?

I always thought I was part of that super cool group of people who totally embraced change (“I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” springs to mind). I didn’t think anything could faze me and I strongly believed that I could adapt to most new situations full of enthusiasm and with an open mind. But deep down I always found my heart racing and anxiety creeping in at the mention of anything that was going to alter my life in a big way. It’s at these times that I find myself having a little pep talk with myself.

There are many reasons in this world though why change can be a positive thing. More often than not we find ourselves getting comfortable and convincing ourselves that mixing things up will do us no favours. Maybe that’s true. But here we are going to discuss the reasons why change can be positive.

Routine can be boring

Doing the same thing day after day can begin to get very tedious after a while, and it some ways I actually believe it shows a lack of ambition. As I said before, typically humans like a routine to follow, a little plan to have in place like a safety net so we feel like we have control over our lives. But what good is a routine if it is actually stopping us from living our lives? I’m all for people getting themselves out there and living their best lives *millennial comment of the day*, but I’m not sure that can be achieved if we are not willing to mix things up a bit once in a while. Growing up is all about learning what’s best for you, and that must include venturing down different paths to learn what’s best for ourselves.

Sometimes it’s for the best

Sometimes we reach points in our life when we have to move away from something negative, therefore change is the only way to get out and move on. It could be a toxic relationship, a rubbish job or even poor lifestyle choices that are having a negative impact on our health. Either way, it’s important that we recognise that we have to alter some things in our lives in order to be happier and more content. It’s usually frustrating to see friends in bad situations, hearing them vent about something in their life that is shitty, but then also see that they are doing nothing to change it. It’s not that we are unsympathetic, it’s that we care for them, so only want the best for them. And It shouldn’t be any different with how we treat ourselves. Too often we stay in draining situations because we are scared of what will happen if we make a change. It’s very unlikely that you’ll wind up unhappier, and from my own personal experience I’ve found that it’s not until we take a step back that we realise how unhappy we actually were.

It opens up new opportunities

I’ve often found that with a new routine comes exciting opportunities. My all time favourite thing I’ve discovered is that at the points where my life has undergone the biggest shifts, are the times that I’ve made the best friendships. We grow all the time and it’s great to have people around you who will also grow at a similar pace and experience alll the is newness with you. If I had stayed in my comfort zone, I never would have travelled. I had to push myself further than I ever had before, and it really was worth all the worry and sleepless nights as backpacking was the best experience of my life.

So really I think it’s about time we make sure changes for the better. Cut those ties with flakey friends, dump the draining boyfriend, get a new job that doesn’t make you feel like you’re soul is dying every time to go to work.

It’ll make you feel better, I promise x

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