Afternoon tea at the Ned

Firstly, before I address anything I feel I should apologise for my blog hiatus. I’ve been a very busy bee for the past few weeks, and am absolutely ashamed that my little blog has borne the brunt of my non-stop galavanting. In between the numerous friend’s birthday celebrations, a hen-do to Dublin and the mini summer we’ve been having for the last few days, I’ve been finding it a lot harder than usual to find the time to write my blog. However, I now have lots of content to write about, and some lovely photos to share. So I promise from this point onwards, my blogposts will be a guaranteed weekly occurrence.

Now back to the aforementioned galavanting; we went for afternoon tea at the Ned.

For those who are not familiar, The Ned is the newest (and by far the most fabulous) addition to the Soho house group. Situated in the city, the refurbished bank is a true testimony of how to make the most of an old space. A lot of the original features were kept in the refurb, which I personally thought was a nice touch. It has a hotel, a Cowshed spa, 6 restaurants, a club and a rooftop pool. Literally, what more could you need?

There are 6 restaurants on the ground floor of the bank, which are all open plan thanks to layout of the building. Our afternoon tea was at Millie’s Lounge, which is on the left hand side as soon as you walk through the door (I have also eaten at Kaia and can confirm that that is also delicious). The staff were very quick to seat us and were extremely attentive the entire time we were there.

Now, as we have already established in previous blogposts, I am a big Disney fan. ‘Why is this relevant in this current situation’ I hear you cry?! Because The Ned reminded me of that scene in Mary Poppins when the children visit the Bank of England, apart from the fact that our visit was very enjoyable and I vaguely remember Jane and Michael being lowkey traumatised when they visited their dad at work.

In terms of other afternoon teas I’ve been to in London (the Ritz, the Savoy, Fortnum & Mason’s), the food at Millie’s Lounge seemed a lot more straight forward. There was no lavender eclair, no pretentious sandwich choices, but I actually really like that. Sometimes you just want a ham sandwich. No biggy. One thing I found particularly nice is that it’s not overly expensive to dine here – afternoon tea with a glass of champagne came in at £40pp – so a visit to the Ned won’t break the bank *pun absolutely intended*.

Not completely relevant but the bathroom was one of the nicest I’ve ever seen.

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