Why I started a blog

Blogging is a new hobby in my life, and is one that provides with a lot of fulfilment. Although I am lucky enough to be part of the small minority of people who actually like their job, working in law doesn’t present me with many opportunities to be creative. For a long time I felt like I needed an outlet, but I wasn’t really sure where to start. I toyed with the idea of painting, taking up photography and even considered learning how to knit (I didn’t want my Textiles a-level to go to waste now, did I?). In the back of my mind, I knew that blogging would be the best route for me to venture down, as I take so much joy from reading other people’s blogs, but for a long time I couldn’t quite bring myself to start one. Not because I was too busy, and certainly not because I didn’t think I was capable of putting together a website. The main thing that held me back more than anything was fear. What if people didn’t like what I had to say? Or even worst, what if no one read it at all?

At the risk of sounding sad , there really are few things that I enjoy more than coming home on a Monday night and getting my final drafts of a new blog post ready. When I stare at my screen, post all prepped and ready to be uploaded onto my site, I am always filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

In some ways I know I’m pretty late to the party. Most of the bloggers I follow that I really love (Liv Purvis, Kate La Vie, The Slow Traveller to name a few) have been blogging for years, have well established brands and thousands of followers. They’ve been blogging for so long that they’ve progressed onto what some would considered more relevant projects (podcasts, YouTube channels). They have their own recognisable style which comes from years of experimenting, whereas my blog is still trying to find itself, so to speak, and therefore things are a lots less uniform.

One thing I learnt very quickly was that blogging is not for the faint hearted; it takes time and a lot of work. Behind one blog post is several drafts of one piece of writing, some carefully curated photographs and lots of editing. Sometimes ideas come naturally and the words just flow out of my fingertips and before I know it I have a full post ready to be edited and published (not before being proof read my by mum, god love her). Other times I have a few different draft posts on the go, all waiting to be added to. I’ll lose focus and move onto something different, with the intention of returning in a few days time to pick up where I left off. However, more often then not, these drafts remain half finished and get forgotten about.

Photography is another factor that I hadn’t really considered. I like to attach as many photos as I can to a post, however for me it’s really important that each photo is of a high calibre. Although I want each blogpost to be backed by beautiful pictures which showcase exactly what I am saying, I am not willing to sacrifice quality for quantity. And so with that comes a great deal of time spent trying to take a nice photo *which believe me is D I F F I C U L T*.

But as far as I’m concerned it really is all worth the time and effort. I would be lying if said that I haven’t become ever so slightly addicted to checking my blog stats, and that I don’t squeal with excitement every time I gain a new follower. When you channel so much time and energy into something, it’s extremely satisfying to watch it take off, even if it’s a slow process. I have my own corner of the intent where I get to voice my opinions, share my memories and showcase some creativity.

Thanks for reading.


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