Some little things to look forward to

Its that time of the year where things seem a little harder to be thankful for. The novelty of Christmas has well and truly washed away and we are all left slightly plumper, looking at each other wondering what to do next? Do we diet? Do we start a detox and pretend that we haven’t spent the past two months drinking wine and jaeger bombs, wishfully hoping that we will awake in spring like fluffy bears in hibernations? Who knows.

This time of year is notoriously tricky. Suicide stats reign high and morale is low. This week is set to be particularly dreadful as it’s so cold outside, thanks to Russia and their arctic winds. I wanted to take some time to appreciate the little things in life that keep us going. The tiny droplets of hope that drive us in our everyday lives and help us strive towards more optimistic times.

1. The days are slightly longer

Whether we like to admit it, the days are getting longer (and officially have been since the 21st December). Everyday as we go about our business, or leave the office in my case, we can appreciate that it’s a little bit lighter outside. As I stroll towards the train station in the evenings I can feel my skin striving less and less for vitamin D. Last week on my way home I swear I even saw a sun set. Whether we accept it or not, we are slowly approaching spring, which means before we know it we can stand outside without 1,000 layers and we will no longer live our lives in darkness.

2. We have summer holidays to look forward to

So some of us are very prepared and may have booked their holidays in 2017 (I’m not part of this party personally, but it’s nice for a girl to dream). Regardless, it’s lovely to have something to look forward to. We can all relate to the feeling of excitement at the prospect of feeling the sun in our skin, a cocktail in our hands and the opportunity to use some suncream. If you’re super organised and booked your summer jaunt last year, you are in the thick of paying off your summer hols and within the next couple of months will have everything sorted.

3. The opportunity to wear some colour

One of my resolution this year was to introduce some colour into my wardrobe. I, like most of the rest of us, take some happiness and comfort in the fact that the majority of my wardrobe is black. Everything matches and it makes you look slimmer. But this year I wanted to mix things up a little. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s all well and good unveiling a yellow coat or a bright pink dress in the middle of winter. But no one really cares for it, we are conditioned to dress in somber colours, as the shorter days mean that we will equally live our lives in the dark. However, as spring quickly approaches, some of us can begin to recognise pastel colours as a beacon of hope that warmer weather is yet to come. Our wardrobes will match the daylight; it will be bright, bold and unapologetic.

4. Our hands will no longer frozen claws

Ok so this point is really a personal experience of mine, but recently on a trip to Paris, my hands were so cold they actually began to resemble claws. Yes, you read that correctly; claws. They were next to frost bite, and started to sieze up in the icy weather. Now, I can’t speak for everyone, but I long for the days where my hands can live outside a glove or a pocket without resembling a dinosaur’s arm. Likewise, with warmer hand comes warmer, noses, feet and bones. Doesn’t that sound marvellous?

5. Easter is around the corner

Before we know it it will acceptable to gorge ourselves on chocolate eggs, which will be all the sweeter for those of us who actually gave up something for lent (not me, whoops). Every time I take a trip to my local Sainsbury’s or mosey to the shops to buy some lunch, I have to resist making eye contact with the box of Creme eggs located on the cashier counter, from fear of bulk buying them as they are so delicious.

So that’s my little list of things to look forward to. As you battle through the chill over the course of the next week, try and remember that warmer times are on the way.


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