My top 5 songs to make you feel sassy

After lengthy deliberation about the topic of this week’s blogpost, I decided it was about time I wrote a piece on music, as it’s such a big part of my everyday life. One of my biggest bugbears in life is music snobbery i.e. when people look down on you or are unnecessarily “judgey” because you like certain types of music. I have no time for the kind of people who think that you are defined solely by one genre of music, and who think badly of you if they discover something that is not to their taste. I, personally, am in to lots of different kinds of music, and would say that my taste is not dependent on my style, but rather on my mood.

We all have playlists for different things. I have a playlist saved on my phone which is dedicated solely to helping me fall asleep on the train home (it contains some James Bay, some Fleet Foxes and is rather unimaginatively called ‘Train Playlist’). I also have a playlist for when I’m at the gym, and one created with the intention of making me feel nostalgic about my youth (yes, the Kooks and Kate Nash do feature).

But of all the playlists that lived nestled up in my Spotify app, my ‘Sassy gal’ playlist is my all time fave. It’s filled with gem after gem of diva-classified tunes, the kind of songs that make you want to get a blow dry, put on your expensive lipstick and tell your boyfriend that he ain’t shit. I’ve managed to whittle down the playlist to my top 5 glorious tracks.

1. Chaka Khan – I’m every woman

This song is the ultimate sassy-gal anthem. If you’re ever feeling down and are in desperate need of a pick me up, then put on Chaka Khan and sing away your troubles. Whenever I hear this song I vividly remember that scene in Bridget Jones where she has just discovered that Daniel Cleaved (Hugh Grant) has been cheating on her and she falls off the exercise bike. I think we can all relate to Bridget in some respect and that’s precisely why I feel this song belongs at number 1.

2. Sorry – Beyoncé

She brought us Independent Women, she brought us Single Ladies, and now she has graced us with Sorry, which ironically is the most unapologetic song ever to be written. As far as albums go, Lemonade is pretty spectacular on the sass front. However, Sorry deserved special kudos for introducing us to killer phrases such as ‘boy bye’ and ‘Becky with the good hair’.

3. How to be a heartbreaker – Marina and the Diamonds

This song appeals entirely to my 17 year old self and reminds me of the days spent at house parties getting drunk on Malibu. When I discovered this song I literally played it on repeat on my iPod Nano, whilst enduring an hour long bus journey to my Saturday job. If you haven’t heard of this song, which is possible as it’s not particularly popular, then just imagine Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’ but from 2010.

4. Hair – Little Mix

Ok, so this song is a real guilty pleasure of mine, first of all because I love Little Mix (especially Perrie although they are all undeniably massive huns), and secondly because it’s great for hairography**. This song has a real sense of unity, and is the perfect track to listen to with your besties on a night in with a bottle of wine. Plus, if you listen to the radio edit you get the added bonus of a Sean Paul rap – what’s not to love?!

5. Fancy – Iggy Azalea ft Charli XCX

Last, but by no means least, it’s Fancy. Iggy and Charli dressed as Cher and Dionne, dancing around in the video brings me more joy than I can put into words. This song made 2014 a better year in my humble opinion, and I spent many a Saturday night belting it out in my local club.

So there’s my sassy playlist – enjoy and remember; stay sassy.

** Hairography – The excessive use of hair flipping to make up for lack of dancing ability and rhythm.

Photos taken at God’s Own Junkyard, Walthamstow

Coat – Topshop

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