Galentine’s > Valentine’s

The dreaded v word. It’s that time of that year again where the singletons shiver in fear and everyone in a relationship scrambles to find a gift to showcase their love to their significant other. The shops are full of ‘I love you’ merchandise and Tindr is rife with v day dick pics *shudders at thought*.

We all have to engage in that awful “so what are you doing for Valentine’s Day” conversation, whilst shifting uncomfortably in our chairs as we make up some elaborate, romantic lie.

If you’re on your own people tend to feel bad for you because they think you care. I mean, is there anything more condescending than having to explain to someone in the office that you don’t have a date because you’d rather spend your evening in your dressing gown watching another box set on Netflix. If you’re in a relationship or going out on a date, you’re expected to pay extortionate amounts of money to eat in the same restaurant you always eat in because it’s a ‘special occasion’. But really, what’s the point? Can’t we all just carry on living our lives? Or even better; let’s get involved in Galentine’s Day.

Top – ASOS

Earrings – ASOS

Now, I may be incredibly late to the party, but I only stumbled across Galentine’s Day a mere 3 weeks ago. My work gal pal Hazel (who just for the record is the ultimate Hun) informed me that she would not be spending the day with her husband, but would instead be spending it eating dinner and drinking wine with her bestie. It seems odd really when you think about it, that she would go to such lengths to rebel against something that can be opted out of with little hassle. Like, really, if you’re not interested then wouldn’t you just ignore it like the rest of us do? I vividly remember my last Valentine’s Day was spent in the gym, along with all the other vday-shunners, and I found happiness in the realisation that there would be more spaces in the car park. But if I’m honest I really think that Hazel is on to something good.

Rather than feeling pressured and bogged down by society and their consumerist holiday (heavy I know), why don’t we all spend the days catching up with our gal pals instead? We can drink wine, go to the cinema, eat cheese and olives – the list of possibility is endless! There would be absolutely no need to shave your legs and I guarantee you’d be allowed to wear your comfiest clothing if you wish. Let’s have an evening of fun and enjoyment with our friends. Obviously this need not be for all for the single ladies. Whether you’re single, in a ‘’situationship” or are genuinely just sick of your other half (come on ladies, we’ve all been there), get the group chat engaged and the wine open.

Before you start to feel bad that I am ditching my other half to hang out with my friends, fear not; this year we are channelling our energy into Pancake day.

5 thoughts on “Galentine’s > Valentine’s

  1. YASSSS girl. LOVING that shirt + earrings + winged eye!! You are killing it. I also love celebrating galentines day, my two best best girl friends live far away so I sent them both cute cards with pics of us & a starbucks gift card. As you said, why not take this (sometimes crummy) holiday and use it to celebrate everyone we love!

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  2. Need to get myself into Parks & Recs cause I have seen this everywhere and I love the idea of it!!! I’m married and hubby and I just can’t be bothered with this so called “celebration of love”… So this sounds fab to me! Great post.. and awesome liner! 🙂 x

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