Saturday night at Winterville

In an attempt to throw myself into as many festivities as I possibly could, whilst avoiding a trip to Winter Wonderland at all costs, I bit the Christmassy bullet and visited Winterville. At the risk of sounding like a Scrooge (a swear-word as far as I am concerned) Winter Wonderland just isn’t my bag. It’s cold, it’s busy and it takes next to 10 years to get served at the bar. I want the festive without the overcrowding, the comfort of being together without the fear of being crushed or mugged.

Winterville seemed like a happy alternative. It holds its residence at Clapham Common, which for starters meant we got to avoid the rush of central London. Now, as a life-time Londoner and working gal’, I’m not usually one to shy away from hustle and bustle. But occasionally I want a break from the busy, which is why Winterville was a breath of fresh air.

The general jist of the two places is much of the same. There are Christmas markets, fair ground rides, and tents for ALLLL the drinking. One thing I immediately liked about Winterville though was that there was the option to stand inside. The main tent is more like a hut, complete with winter punch and a DJ, which meant we could actually take our coats off and have a dance, without fear of getting frost bite.

To spice up our evening we decided to throw some activities into the mix. Firstly, we donned our roller-skates and headed for the roller disco. The actual rink was pretty small but the music was great and you’re allowed on there for 3 hours which is fabulous if you plan on skating the night away. Of course there were some tumbled along the way, but fear not as there were professionals on hand to scoop you back up, and roll you in the right direction.

Next on our agenda (after some mulled with and the nicest souvlaki wrap I have ever had the pleasure of eating) was mini golf. This was a bit more basic and mostly outside so pretty chilly, however there are 9 holes to keep you occupied and you’re allowed to drink as you play (hooray!). Both activities together came in at a mere £16 which meant we had an extremely fun-filled evening from r very little money.

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