A Sunday well-spent in Greenwich

As it was my turn to be in charge of Sunday activities (see my ‘Staycation’ blogpost for more info) I decided that my safest bet would be a trip to Greenwich. There’s plenty going on, festivities would be in full swing and we awoke to glorious weather; it was going to be a good day.

We jumped in the car and drove to Greenwich Park as I was confident this would be the best place for parking. Naturally, on our way in we drove past about 1,000 empty spaces which would have been perfect (and free!), but that was my own fault for being such an anxious parker (5 years behind the wheel and I still haven’t mastered a parallel park).

If you have been to Greenwich before then you know the view is AMAZING. Thanks to hilly terrain, from the park you can see for miles. This view, in my humble and incredibly bias opinion, is the best free view in London. You don’t have to pay a penny to enjoy this spectacular sight, although you will have to elbow your way through all the other revellers as it’s always rife with admirers.

We wandered down the hill and through the market, taking some snaps along the way, all whilst sipping hot chocolates in our cosy coats and scarfs.

Naturally, as it was midday on a Sunday I felt that the main agenda on our day trip had to be a pub lunch, which led us to the Gypsy Moth. Spending time away from home made me realise how marvellous a roast dinner can be, especially in the midst of winter when we’re all in the need of some warmth and TLC. The pub smelt of mulled cider and our food was delicious. We also had a great view of the Cutty Sark, or ‘that boat’ as my other half preferred to call it.

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