My list of Christmas ‘it’s ok ifs’

It’s ok if your Spotify consists entirely of Christmas songs

It’s ok if your work Christmas party is your favourite night out of the year

And it’s ok if you set yourself reminders not to embarrass yourself at your work Christmas party

It’s ok if you attempt all the high notes in ‘All I want for Christmas’ even if you can’t sing like Mariah (I think the applies to most of us!)

It’s ok if you buy gifts because you like them and not necessary because the recipient of the present does

It’s ok if you actually are giving to receive (who doesn’t love presents?!)

It’s ok if you still write a Christmas list even if you are over the age of 7

It’s ok if your diet from 1st December to 1st January is made up of chocolate and alcohol

It’s ok if the hardest decision you make between 25th December – 31st December is deciding what time you should have your naps

It’s ok if you spend your Saturdays binge drinking and your Sunday binge watching Christmas films

It’s ok if you make your sole mission in December to find out who has you for Secret Santa

And it’s ok if you drop hints so that you don’t end up with a hideous present for Secret Santa

It’s ok if the only exercise you do in the festive season is dancing

It’s ok if you still get excited about putting up the Christmas tree

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