My list of Winter ‘it’s OK ifs’

It’s ok if you drink mulled wine because it’s seasonal even if you don’t really like it.

It’s ok if your winter wardrobe is just your summer wardrobe with 80 denier tights.

It’s ok if you look forward to Bonfire Night because you it means you get to wear your new coat.

It’s ok if you feel upset if no one compliments your new coat.

It’s ok if you don’t carve a pumpkin because you don’t want to scoop out the insides.

It’s ok if you cancel all plans and stay indoors for the foreseeable future because you don’t like the cold.

It’s ok if staying indoors means rewatching all your favourite boxsets and Disney films. 

It’s ok if hot chocolates becomes a staple part of your winter diet.

It’s ok if you spend most of your salary on wintery candles and bed socks.

It’s ok if your Sundays are spent in a fresh pair of pyjamas – loungewear counts as daytime clothing too, right?

It’s ok if you buy sweets for trick-or-treaters knowing full well you’re going to eat the majority of the snacks yourself.

It’s ok if you still feel the urge to kick a pile of leaves, even if you’re over the age of 7.

Coat: New Look

Top: Daisy Street

Jeans: Urban Outfitters


One thought on “My list of Winter ‘it’s OK ifs’

  1. I agree to all of these! I’d like to add one. It’s okay if I still wear “summer” tennis shoes in winter because they are just that comfy. Also, okay if I still eat ice cream every night because why not? 😉

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