My backpacking essentials 

It’s important that before you go off on a trip that you have packed all the goodies you need. There is nothing more soul destroying than scurrying off to pastures unknown only to realise that you don’t have the basic tools to survive (ok survive is a little strong, but you see where I’m going with this). Here is my short and sweet list of some the objects that may need a little nudge into your rucksacks:

A comfy hoodie and pair of socks. Regardless of how warm and beachy the climate is where you venturing off too, you are not too cool for those sort of homely comforts. You’d be surprised how many packed dorms or night buses blast out the air con, and I hate for you to be caught short with only a beach pashmina to keep you warm.

I will say it once and I will say it again; adapter plugs, adapter plugs, ADAPTER PLUGS. What use to you are those flashy cameras and backpacking gizmos if you can’t plug them into the damn wall?! 

Speaking of plugs, that leads me nicely onto my next item; ear plugs. If you think sharing a room with 12 other weary travellers is going to be peaceful and serine then I assure you it is not. The earplugs will help you block out your noisy bunk mate who insists on coming in at 5am and waking the whole dorm. Trust me, they are a necessity (the same applies for eye masks).

A microfibre towel. As far as I am concerned, the microfibre towel is the Croc of the towel world. It is neither plush nor cosy, and contains none of the comforting qualities that one would usually look for when trying to dry themselves. However, it is lightweight and incredibly thin which is great when you don’t have much space to play with. If you can, I also suggest keeping that bad boy as far away from the beach as possible – no one wants to be covered in sand when they are trying to clean themselves (and that pesky sand can get into all sorts of nooks and crannies).

These are just a handful of examples of things not to be overlooked when packing up for life on the move.

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