Why I chose to travel

For me, backpacking around Asia has always been a must. I’ve known from a young age that the life of a traveller would be perfectly suited for yours truly – from explorations to lazing in the sun, I wanted in. I’m a London girl, born and bred, and although I love the fast pace city life, I have always longed for something more (much like Ariel longed for life on land in ‘The Little Meraid’, if we are getting all Disney about it).

For many, the idea of backpacking for months at a time is a pipe dream; commitments such as children and mortgages weigh them down (not that children are a burden, of course). But for most, what really holds them back is the fear. The fear of the unknown, the fear of failure, feelings that I feel we can all relate to. The idea of risking everything we have known to be ‘safe and sound’ to venture off to trips to the unknown can be incredibly daunting. I truly believe that no one can set out on their journey without some nerves or anxieties. But in all honesty, the feeling that scares me more than risk, more than uncertainty, is regret. Regret of not travelling whilst I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity, regret that I will get older and realised I missed such a precious chance. So of course, I had to take the dive. Please feel free to follow my journey as I go, enjoy my good times and laugh with me at the bad; but take comfort in knowing that I was brace enough to take the risk.

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